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King Internal Bypass (IBP)

King IBP

Unlike a traditional bypass shock that has external bypass tubes, the King internal bypass device offers the same position sensitive tuning adjustments housed entirely within the shock body. The proprietary monotube design uses a secondary piston with its own compression and rebound valving shims that are activated when the primary piston moves over the tapered metering rod which protrudes down from the center of the top cap. This patented device allows you to add custom zone valving, or a bump stop to any 2.5 King smoothie, bypass, or coilover shock.

As the shock shaft moves upwards during the compression stroke, the hollow shaft piston envelops the fixed tapered pin which is custom cut to any length for custom zone tuning. As the piston moves up the tapered metering pin, the opening in the hollow shaft gradually closes and forces the shock oil to bypass the primary shock piston and enter the secondary piston with custom tuned secondary bypass valving. This effectively gives you a two-zone shock absorber with completely custom tuned compression and rebound valving.

While the IBP can be tuned in any way you choose, one of the most popular arrangements is as an internal hydraulic bump stop.

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King IBP Prices

Model Description New Build Upgrade Ordering
2.5 IBP King Internal Bypass for 2.5 King Shocks and Coilovers $265 ea. N/A King Shocks
3.0 IBP King Internal Bypass for 3.0 King Shocks and Coilovers $265 ea. N/A King Shocks