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King Compression Adjusters

King Compression Adjusters

King compression adjusters add 16 clicks of compression adjustments to any 2.0 or 2.5 King smoothie, bypass, coilover or OEM upgrade kit. They are available in two different configurations, as remote and piggyback reservoir models, and feature an easy to use, positive-clicking knob that can be turned either way to make your shocks softer or stiffer.

The compression adjusters, mounted on the shock reservoir, use a shim stack similar to the one found on the shock piston, to limit the flow of shock oil into the reservoir which, in turn, changes the compression stroke characteristics of the shock. When combined with specific compression adjuster shock valving, your shocks can be set soft for rock crawling, a bit firmer for improved on-road performance, and extra stiff for high speed off-road driving -- all by simply turning the compression adjuster knob.

King's compression adjusters are a popular upgrade on their OEM upgrade kits because they allow the driver to dial in their suspension to the exact feel that they want. Off-road racers love them on their prerunners because they allow them to soften up their suspension for street driving while maintaining race-spec valving when running off-road. Since the adjusters are custom tuned along with the piston valving on your shocks, no matter what you application is, if easy adjustability sounds good to you, a set of compression adjusters are well worth their price.

King Compression Adjusters can be added to existing shocks, however, the cost of the adjuster, the new reservoir cylinder (required), 90 degree fitting, and new valving for the shock make it much cheaper to sell the existing shocks and order new ones with adjusters. The pricing listed below is for adding the option to a new shock build.

King Compression Adjuster Prices

Model Description New Build Upgrade Ordering
2.0 COMP King Compression Adjuster for 2.0 King Shocks and Coilovers $105 ea. $350-$410 King Shocks
2.5 COMP King Compression Adjuster for 2.5 King Shocks and Coilovers $170 ea. $395-$450 King Shocks
3.0 COMP King Compression Adjuster for 3.0 King Shocks and Coilovers $170 ea. $395-$450 King Shocks