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King Air Shocks

King Air Shocks

Air shocks are similar to coilovers in that they combine a shock absorber and a spring in one unit. The air shock, however, has the advantage over coilovers when it comes to adjustability and compact size.

Compressed nitrogen in the shock body acts as an "air" spring and can be adjusted from 50 to 500 psi, supporting up to 1,200 lbs at ride height (for the 2.5 model). Thicker, gun-drilled (hollow) shafts give the air shock its strength and the internal piston and shims provide the shock valving like all King shocks.

Although they are specifically designed for smaller, lightweight rock crawlers, buggies, and sand rails, multiple air shocks can be combined to support larger vehicles. Their compact size and infinitely adjustable spring rate make them the ultimate stand alone-package and, if valved as a bump stop, they make great secondary springs. For those that want even more adjustability, though, a bypass version of the 2.5 King Air Shock is available with up to 6 bypass tubes.

King Air Bypass Shocks

Like all King shocks, their air shocks and air bypass shocks are custom made to each customer's exact specifications. When your order is placed with Filthy Motorsports, a build sheet is sent to King Racing where a highly trained shock technician hand builds your air shocks exactly the way you want them. This special service is offered free to Filthy Motorsports customers and only adds a few days to your delivery date.

Selecting the right valving and bypass tube locations can be tricky, but Filthy Motorsports and King Racing are here to help. When you place your order, you will be asked to provide details on your vehicle, suspension system, and driving style so that proper valving can be determined.

You will also be glad to know that King air shocks are built tough, and with a little maintenance they can last a lifetime. By design, these air shocks can be completely serviced, tuned, and rebuilt with only the simplest of hand tools and the appropriate King replacement parts from Filthy Motorsports. Or, if you prefer, you can send your air shocks to Filthy Motorsports and they will service them and get them on their way back to you within one business day.

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King 2.0 Air Shocks

Part No. Description Compressed Extended Pricing Ordering
PR2006-AS King 2.0 x 6" Air Shocks 13.000" 19.000" $300 ea. King Shocks
PR2008-AS King 2.0 x 8" Air Shocks 16.120" 24.120" $300 ea. King Shocks
PR2010-AS King 2.0 x 10" Air Shocks 18.120" 28.120" $300 ea. King Shocks
PR2012-AS King 2.0 x 12" Air Shocks 20.630" 32.630" $300 ea. King Shocks
PR2014-AS King 2.0 x 14" Air Shocks 22.630" 36.630" $300 ea. King Shocks
PR2016-AS King 2.0 x 16" Air Shocks 24.630" 40.630" $300 ea. King Shocks

King 2.5 Air Shocks

Part No. Description Compressed Extended Pricing Ordering
PR2506-AS King 2.5 x 6" Air Shocks 13.000" 19.000" $460 ea. King Shocks
PR2508-AS King 2.5 x 8" Air Shocks 16.120" 24.120" $460 ea. King Shocks
PR2510-AS King 2.5 x 10" Air Shocks 19.100" 29.100" $460 ea. King Shocks
PR2512-AS King 2.5 x 12" Air Shocks 21.100" 33.100" $460 ea. King Shocks
PR2514-AS King 2.5 x 14" Air Shocks 23.034" 37.034" $460 ea. King Shocks
PR2516-AS King 2.5 x 16" Air Shocks 25.784" 41.784" $485 ea. King Shocks
PR2518-AS King 2.5 x 18" Air Shocks 27.784" 45.784" $485 ea. King Shocks
King Adjuster

External Shock Tuning:
Compression Adjusters

King's compression adjusters, available for remote and piggyback shocks, give you 16 clicks of compression adjustment at the turn of a dial.

King IBP

Internal Bump Stops:
Internal Bypass (IBP)

Add an internal hydraulic bump stop or custom tuned secondary bypass zone to your King shocks with their proprietary Internal Bypass (IBP).

King Options

Personalized Shocks:
King Custom Options

Custom options for your King shocks range from custom colors and coatings to performance upgrades like Viton seals and lightweight shafts.

King Pure Race

Professional Grade:
King Pure Race Series

Pure Race series shocks feature higher temperature seals, stronger shafts and rod ends, aluminum reservoirs, and higher strength components.