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King Pure Race Series Shocks

King Race Series Shocks

For hard-core and professional off-road racing applications, King offers their Pure Race series shocks with higher temperature and higher wear resistance seals, components, and finishes. Larger 1" and 1.25" diameter shafts add additional strength and are induction hardened and plated to protect against rocks, dirt, and debris. Higher temperature and higher pressure seals are used to hold up to the extreme heat generated during extended high speed driving in the scorching desert and the press fit and TIG welded oversize spherical bearing rod ends have never failed in over 17 years.

To keep the shock oil cool, King Pure Race series shocks use special reservoirs that feature threaded end caps to withstand higher pressures and are made from aluminum to reduce weight, improve heat dissipation, and prevent internal corrosion. Upgraded high flow and high pressure Aeroquip hoses are used to improve flow into and out of the reservoir and feature small radius fittings for easier mounting.

Every part that goes into a Pure Race series King shock has been torture tested under the most brutal of race conditions and only the finest materials available are machined under ultra strict quality controls and tight tolerances to insure all components are the best in the industry. If your vehicle needs the best of the best, then you need a set of King Pure Race series shocks.

King Pure Race Series Shocks

Model Description MSRP Our Price Buy Now
RS20-C0 King Pure Race Series 2.0 Coilover Shocks $619.50 CALL 303-834-7895
RS25-CC King Pure Race Series 2.5 Coilover Shocks $651.00 CALL 303-834-7895
RS25-BP King Pure Race Series 2.5 Bypass Shocks $892.50 CALL 303-834-7895
RS30-SS King Pure Race Series 3.0 Smoothie Shocks $787.50 CALL 303-834-7895
RS30-CO King Pure Race Series 3.0 Coilover Shocks $924.00 CALL 303-834-7895
RS30-BP King Pure Race Series 3.0 Bypass Shocks $1,102.50 CALL 303-834-7895
RS35-BP King Pure Race Series 3.5 Bypass Shocks $1,522.50 CALL 303-834-7895
RS40-BP King Pure Race Series 4.0 Bypass Shocks (King Kong) $2,100.00 CALL 303-834-7895
RS45-BP King Pure Race Series 4.5 Bypass Shocks (King Kong) $2,572.50 CALL 303-834-7895